We do not inventory any produce. All of our farms we procure product from are given weekly projected forecasts on usages and growing programs are established. The product we sell has been cut to order based on our customer's needs. Depending on the location of the farms, some items are harvested and shipped the same day and arrive at our customer's warehouse the next day.

Product that does not arrive the next day is checked periodically while in transit. First at the farm, then at the point of distribution in the United States (if imported) - then again in the distributors city before they receive it. This ensures that the product arrives to your warehouse in the same excellent condition it began it's journey. Due to the fact we give all of our farms standing orders we receive top priority when the supply is tight. This eliminates "out of stock" on your invoices making you that much more reliable and valuable to the chefs.

Flex Buying

We use multiple farms based on availability and quality so we can ensure you receive the best product available effectively eliminating returns from chefs - again making you valuable to the chefs you supply.

All of our farms have strict safety standards in place as well as third party food safety companies such as Primus Labs and FoodHACCP.