Core Exotics & Food Cost

A chef has many responsibilities and one of them is food cost. Food cost is directly related to shrinkage. A chef who takes pride in their work will always be interested in specialty produce but will always be concerned with waste because it usually is expensive and can have a short shelf life.

The Key Factors Important to Chef's:

Value of the product

Does it increase the profit of the dishes served?

Quality of the product

Does it have the fresh retail look of perfection?

Shelf life of the product

Does it last long enough for an excellent yield?

Safety of the product

Do the farms growing it take all safety precautions to insure a safe product as well as be tested and regulated by third party food safety companies?

Reliability of the produce distributor

Is the answer to the above questions "yes?"

All of these factors determine if a chef will purchase produce from your company? The chef will ask themselves and answer all of those questions along with how easy it is to procure these items as well as the selection a company offers. A wide variety is always the best as well as is a company who is always looking for new and exciting items.