All of our domestic farms follow all of the USDA and FDA guidelines in all phases including Pre-Harvest, Harvest and Post-Harvest. They are also certified by third party safety companies such as HACCP and Primus Labs. These third parties also conduct unscheduled inspections to ensure all guidelines and requirements are being preformed to their safety standards. All of our Foreign farms practice the same standards as our Domestic farms. Furthermore, all product imported is inspected upon entry by US Customs and the USDA and spot checked by The FDA. Any product that does not meet government standards is not released for re-sale.

Herb Tops
Mini Crowns
Petite Greens
Tender Greens
Tiny Veggies
Nature Straws
Buzz Buttons
Micro Flowers
Flowering Herbs

We also offer many different varieties on all of the exotic products.  Please contact us for more information.