Everything is based on our responsibility to our valued clients. Our responsibility does not begin when "we make the sale" or after you receive it. It actually begins when the buying process begins - from our buying procedures, to our safety and quality standards to our assisting your sales force. The responsibility is never over in the overall picture but from shipment to shipment is it over when the consumer enjoys a deliciously prepared meal at a white table cloth restaurant and our unique products helped make the meal delectable!

We are always resourcing new items to help maintain our clients advantage over their competitors. Specialty produce is always evolving and new items appear all of the time. It is difficult not only to keep track of what is new and exciting but also it's usages and applications. We are always working with farms and chefs all over the country so we can share this knowledge with your sales force making them that much more effective. We also say on top of new user environmentally friendly packaging.